Past – History

The idea of the building of Cruella de Ville was born in 2006, here in Corfu, Greece, by the late Stefanos Karatasitsas (1962-2019), who, although not a shipbuilder, nor a professional sailor in the strict sense of the word, managed to complete the construction of this pioneering vessel in 2007.

The class of the boat is GP26, designed according to ORC (Offshore Racing Congress) regulations.

The CAD (Computer Aided Design) method was used, and the main materials were marine plywood, epoxy resins and solid wood. All the pieces of the board were cut by the writer, on a CNC woodworking machine, thus achieving absolute precision in the application.

Thus was born Cruella de Ville, a pure-blooded, high-performance boat, very fast and seaworthy.

From 2008 to 2018, Cruela participated in the yearly sailing races organized in Corfu and the Ionian, under the flag of the Gouvia Marina Sailing Club, achieving important distinctions.

Her reputation transcended the borders of the sailing community of the Ionian archipelago, vindicating her builder and the efforts of all those who contributed to her construction.



Present – Reconstruction

Ten years later, with the marks of time visible in her cockpit, superstructure and bow deck, Cruella’s new owners decided to proceed with extensive reconstructions as well as some improvements.

Ionian Woodmarine undertook the following works, all with respect to Cruella’s builder and friend, Stefanos Karatasitsas, and making sure that Cruella’s initial characteristics are not altered.

Reinforcement of the cockpit frame, replacement of cockpit deck, additional reinforcement with carbon fiber.
Reinforcement of the bow deck frame, replacement of bow deck, additional reinforcement with carbon fiber.
Reconstruction of the side sections of the superstructure and covering of the portholes.
Construction of new cabin soles, gangway, main hatch and electrical panel.
Epoxy resins and glass fiber application throughout the deck and the superstructure.
Reinforcements in rails, stanchions and bowsprit.
Total repainting and new anti-slip coating.


*All epoxy composites and carbon fiber supplied by Fibermax Greece

The rennovated GP26 Cruella